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Winter is here & it’s important to modify both your skincare and hair care routine. After all, winter dryness can be tricky to accommodate regardless of your hair type. The cold winter breeze, dip in the temperature and constant shuffling between cold outdoors and warm indoors can leave your hair frizzy and unmanageable. Plus, a considerable reduction in humidity results in constant loss of moisture from your hair, leading to brittle tresses that are prone to breakage. Not to mention the dull and lacklustre appearance you have to deal with during, what essentially is, the unofficial party season of the year!

But all hope is not lost. Here are all the hair care tips you need to prevent dry, frizzy hair this winter.

01. Nourish with oil: Dry winter air coupled with indoor heating can strip moisture from your hair and scalp. Treat your hair to a nourishing oil or leave-in conditioner to lock in the moisture and keep it frizz-free. You can even use a heavy oil, like coconut , for a scalp massage 30 minutes prior to washing your hair. Doing this regularly will make sure your tresses are given the essential fatty acids they need to fight extreme weather conditions.

02. Wash less often: A good way to modify your hair care routine from summer to winter is to slowly cut back on hair washing frequency. Since you are not going to sweat as much, your hair will be less oily, and thus, cleaner for longer. Try washing your hair with a minimum of two days gap in between, and with a formula built to fight frizz in your hair. You can lengthen this gap further by using a dry shampoo to zhush up weighed down and dull hair in between washes.

03. Use a deep conditioning mask: Regular oil massages and not over-washing can pretty much take care of your scalp during the cold winter months. As for dry and frizzy hair, indulge in a deep conditioning mask at least once a week. A hair mask will help you deal with the dryness directly, maintain ideal moisture levels in your hair to keep it feeling healthy and looking shiny!

04. Air dry your hair: The cold winter months are enough to leave your hair rough and dry; do not help the process by adding heat to your hair care routine. Blow-drying or heat styling can severely damage fragile hair, causing excessive dryness and leaving frizzy flyaways in their wake. Try to air dry your hair and opt for some heatless hairstyles for the winter months.

05. Use silk fabrics to control static: Silk is known to reduce static in your hair and thus, keep winter frizziness away. Cover your head with a silk scarf before you step out, use a silk scrunchie to secure your tresses and opt for silk pillowcases instead of cotton ones. We doubt you would require any more incentive to invest in some gorgeous silk pieces to take care of your winter mane!


19 Feb 2021

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